Way to promote alternative transportation, NY!

On the evening of May 30, 2007, Ninth Precinct cops, led by Ninth Precinct Lieutenant Robert Corcoran, executed “Operation: Bike Raid” on East Sixth Street, between First and Second Avenues.

As cops with special metal cutting saws chewed through locks and chains on bikes locked to parking meters and streets signs, Sixth Street resident Robert Carnevale confronted them, having received a call from his girlfriend outside his apartment building. Carnevale quickly rang buzzers in buildings on his block to warn his neighbors that their bikes were being taken and then returned to the scene of the crime, taking photos of cops loading the dozen or so bikes they had just stolen into two unmarked dark blue vans with paneling over the side windows. (These vans can be seen regularly parked outside the Ninth Precinct on East Fifth Street.)

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