Here is an interesting op-ed published in the Christian Science Monitor calling for “The Next Trillion” to be spent on matters of significant social importance, such as clean energy and community development.

It’s an interesting thought experiment to consider what $1,000,000,000,000 could do for the health of planet and the wellbeing of its human communities. Just imagine if we had leaders with the guts and foresight (of course, they would have to be untethered by big money interests–a rarity) to develop a plan like this. What would our world look like?


Economists project that the cost of the war in Iraq, when all is said and done, will come in at $1 trillion or more.

I say: Let’s do it again!

Let’s allocate another trillion dollars – but this time for the good of all humanity and all species. Let’s do it with the same moral urgency and vision that has made America great at so many critical junctures in history.

There’s an emergency and an opportunity out there that calls for The Next Trillion.

It’s about more than geopolitics and petrodollars. It’s about more than the science of climate change.

It’s about the need for global economic institutions to evolve in response to the social and environmental challenges of our time: growth in population, accelerating technological change, accelerating capital flows, growth in consumption, increasing pollution, widening wealth gaps.

Here’s how The Next Trillion should be invested:

• $250 billion for clean energy and energy efficiency;

• $250 billion for carbon sequestration and bioremediation;

• $250 billion for sustainable food and forests; and

• $250 billion for community development.

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