Rep. Ron Paul has recently introduced H.R. 1009:
Bill Info

This bill would “amend the Controlled Substances Act to exclude industrial hemp from the definition of marihuana.” If signed into law, this bill would permit the production of industrial hemp (no THC — what’s the problem?) in the US for the first time since the passage of the Controlled Substances Act in 1970.

How can industrial hemp help stop global climate change? (From )

” 1. Hemp is biomass champion, breathing in more carbon dioxide (the most abundant greenhouse gas) than any other plant. Hemp scrubs the air of excess CO2 gas – a contributing factor in global warming – as it grows. Growing massive amounts of hemp – like what was done in the World War II HEMP FOR VICTORY program – can radically reduce the amount of CO2 gas in the atmosphere.

This carbon dioxide is turned into wood and fiber by photosynthesis. Hemp wood takes the pressure off our forests, a great source of oxygen, by making paper and building materials like pressboard from hemp rather than wood.

2. When used as bio fuel, hemp replaces toxic with clean energy. Whatever toxic energy can do, hemp can do better. Hemp does not pollute while it’s powering everything that uses electrical current, including the power plant that produces electricity.

Hemp bio fuel can be processed to run any engine, heat or cool any building, run any factory, and eliminate the pollution that comes from modern energy sources. Remove the cause, pollution, and the effect, global warming can at least be reduced, if not healed. Hemp is also a champion at scrubbing the air as it grows of excess CO2 gas as it grows.”

Call your representatives today — support House bill 1009!