Fruita was amazing. The (free) campsites are right next to a maze of trails (probably 60+ miles in total) about 10 miles from town. All of the trails in that area are limited use, meaning that there are no ATVs or dirt bikes allowed. Furthermore, the trails off 18 Road were built by and for mountain bikers. This translates into very smooth, flowing singletrack that is a dream to ride on. I think I pushed it a little too hard — after 4 days of pretty intense riding in Durango and Fruita, my body is begging me to take a day off. So, here I am in Moab hanging out at a cafe!

Fruita was full of wildlife. Besides enjoying the company of crows, I came across rattlesnakes:

and collared lizards:

Yep, Fruita was great. I really want to go back: